I’m a fee-only financial planner. I’m also a fiduciary required to put clients’ interest first. As a financial advisor, I’m aware of how all parts of people’s lives can affect their financial well-being. I’m equally mindful that financial well-being is not an end. Rather, it should nurture a healthy body, mind, and soul for ourselves, family and friends, neighbors near and far, and the planet. Money serves meaning and joy. We all have the capacity to live with meaning and joy. So think of me as part economist and part psychologist. Indeed I hold an MBA in finance and a doctorate in moral psychology. Training in psychology has become increasingly central to my role as an advisor. For me, meaning and joy have come from family and friends, and working for climate action and social justice. My commitment to climate and justice extend to my professional life, where I’ve built expertise in sustainable and ESG investing. Your sources of meaning and joy are unique. Personal finances should nourish them. You have a story and I'm eager to hear it.